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Şahinler Metal Promotional Video

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Safety and Positive Impact in Traffic

Şahinler Grup Enerji Red Light Violation Detection System takes on the task of detecting the vehicles violating the rules at the traffic lights. The system contributes to the safety of the traffic by minimising accidents.


An Innovative Solution to License Plate Recognition

Şahinler Grup Enerji Motorway License Plate Recognition System provides convenience in the detection of license plates with its innovative infrastructure. The system can also detect the makes and colours of the vehicles.


Şahinler Metal is Among the Greatest in Turkey

In 2021, Şahinler Metal ranked 203rd in “Turkey’s Largest 500 Industrial Establishments” list.


High Energy Saving Rates from Şahinler Metal

Şahinler Metal enables a large amount of energy conservation by reusing scrap aluminium. This method brings in 95 % energy saving in comparison to aluminium production using ore.