Şahinler Grup / Message from our Chairman

Message from our Chairman

We devoted our working life of over half a century to preserving our determination, courage, outstanding business ethics and entrepreneur spirit. These four principles have always set forth better paths in front of us and brought along many achievements. We have grown and developed by virtue of these principles.

The prosperity and development of our country had always been our priority in the journey of our company. We never gave up on production and investment even at the toughest economic conditions. We always had full confidence in our country. We were always aware that investing in the country meant investing in the people.

Our business vision consists of contributing to the development of the country by means of creating value added products through a novel perspective to compete with the global market by our understanding of high quality services.

Today we are able to develop products and services in various fields such as the industry, storage and port, construction, and Electronic Enforcement systems. Although each sector that expands our field of activity adds a little bit more responsibility to our shoulders, it makes me exceedingly proud to observe a constant growth in our company. I am immensely glad to know the fact that we are always moving forward with our strong position and our earned reputation and our stable financial structure.

Well then, what the future holds in store for us? We will be expanding our social welfare activities within a better corporate structure with the pride pleasure of having established Osman Şahin Foundation. We will be passing on our experiences and accrued knowledge to the younger generations and will continue to grow together with our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees.

With my affection and respects…