Şahinler Grup / Our Story

Our Story

The foundation of Şahinler Metal was laid in the early 1970s being the leading company in the secondary aluminium sector in Turkey and the flagship of our group of companies. Our journey started with metal trading in Ankara and then we moved on to the industry itself through the curiosity and belief of our founder Osman Şahin in production and thus one of the largest 500 industrial establishments of the country had been created. We became one of the considerable players in metal industry production by taking up the production of aluminium energy cables (A Kablo A.Ş.) and steel wire rope (Şahinler Çelik Halat A.Ş.).

Our group carried the achievements and experience gained in production over to different fields of activities. Şahinler Group established one of the first bonded warehouses and storage spaces of Turkey and has been amongst the founder partners of international RODAPORT in Bursa Gemlik being significant with the geopolitical position and logistic advantages of the country.

Our group started serving in different parts of Turkey with its Electronic Enforcement System (EDS) being a new and novel sector. We have also got involved in construction activities for making use of our real estate investments and one of our group companies OPEG A.Ş. was founded for such purposes. Şahinler Group has decided to continue with its activities in the three main fields of production, trade and construction. Our group is carrying on its path for the benefit of the society and country having 100 % domestic capital with its outstanding business ethics, and reputable and strong financial structure.