Şahinler Grup / Osman Şahin Foundation

Osman Şahin Foundation

Osman Şahin Foundation was established so that the social welfare activities carried through since years over the companies in our group are sustained on a corporate basis and that the donations are shared with larger crowds of people. This step taken in the name of solidarity is the greatest source of pride of the Chairman of Şahinler Group – Osman Şahin. The foundation was established by Osman Şahin and his wife Perihan Şahin on 08 07 2021 and is active since. The objective was to expand efforts and works in the fields of education, culture and social welfare under the roof of a foundation next to a successful business life of 48 years.


EDUCATION: To provide contributions to all kinds of projects, private institutions and organisations and government services; to provide support for successful students with limited material means who have been studying within the country or abroad, for youth undertaking their post-graduate studies or trainings, for persons who have shown excellence in science, arts or other fields at a national or international level; to provide monetary or in kind support such as scholarships, awards or loans for the purposes of bringing up individuals that are required by our country and needed by the society that we live in, that are loyal to national and moral values, that have sufficient knowledge and skills, and that are qualified for manpower, especially for the industry.

SOCIAL COOPERATION: To provide moral and material support, to help them grow stronger, to contribute to their level of prosperity, to help them in their social, artistic, cultural, sportive and scientific developments for our citizens who are insufficient economically, who are not tied to any legal social security institutions or who are tied to such institutions but who still do not have the sufficient income and who have difficulties in their spending due to their financial limitations and, families who bear foreign citizenships but who have been welcomed in Turkey and who are in any need.


The headquarters of the foundation is located in the province of ANKARA, district of ÇANKAYA with the following address: Söğütözü mahallesi Söğütözü caddesi No: 2-4A/63 Koç Kuleleri Çankaya / Ankara.